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Welcome to our specialized Halitosis Units (UK and UAE)

Exclusive dedication to the study, diagnosis and treatment of more than 80 physiopathologies responsible for halitosis or bad breath (both internal and oral), we assist medical and hospital centers and conduct clinical consultations to the thousands of more complex cases, national and international, that come to us every year.

Equipped with the most advanced biomedical technology at the international level for the molecular diagnosis of halitosis, which includes Electronic Noses and biosniffing, our expert approach is based on medical protocols developed and endorsed by different European universities, whose success rate exceeds 97%.

Prof. Doctor Jonas Nunes (see curriculum here) directs both private consultations in the United Kingdom: in London (Harley Street) and in Manchester (City Centre), and also in the United Arab Emirates: in Dubai ( Prime Hospital, near Dubai Airport).

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“Thanks Dr Nunes, your treatment is perfect”.

After few weeks of treatment my breath has improved and I have not had any complaints like I used to hear. I often felt so challenged before, I felt like giving up. Thanks Dr Nune your treatment is perfect.

Grace B. - 38 years old (Birmingham), Teacher

“I felt really insecure when talking to people face to face.”

I’ve always been very obsessed about my breath, even though nobody ever mentioned anything to me about it. I wouldn’t talk when I went out in the evening – I didn’t feel confident. I came across Dr Nunes by chance when I was searching for treatments on the internet and I decided to start the very next day! He is an excellent doctor and I’m delighted with the experience. Thanks to him I feel more sure of myself. I recommend him 100%!

Mia B. - 40 years old (London), Primary school teacher

“I’ve overcome the trauma. I now feel free again.”

I’ve managed to overcome the trauma that was preventing me from living my life to the full. Now I feel free again. I encourage people to seek help and not to suffer in silence, as you can find a solution, like in my case. Life is too beautiful not to be enjoyed.

Jacob B. - 38 years old (Newcastle), Architect

“Dr Nunes made my bad breath disappear.”

I feel really good. Before my mouth was always dry and I had bad breath – the doctor got rid of this in no time. I used to chew gum and suck on sweets to mask the smell after my husband started to notice my bad breath. I’d known about the Breath Institute for a long time, maybe even a year, after watching an interview on TV. When I became aware that I had bad breath, I thought of the Breath Institute and we looked it up. I have a very good opinion of Dr Nunes as he made my bad breath disappear.

Ruby A. - 23 years old (London), Consultant

“Huge change in my breath”

The people around me, maybe out of politeness or for some other reason, never told me. Thanks to my wife and a report from Dr Nunes, I discovered that I could get diagnosed for halitosis and receive treatment for it. You always assume that you need more frequent teeth cleaning, visit the dentist more frequently etc. to get rid of your bad breath until you realise that it is not the solution. After having completed my treatment, my wife has noticed a 100% improvement in my breath. Thanks to Dr Nunes I’ve obtained great results in very little time. I’m very satisfied.

Charles D. - 43 years old (Oxford), Management

“My bad breath disappeared just one week after I started my treatment”

I’ve followed all the instructions given by Dr. Nunes and I’m really happy now. My bad breath disappeared one week after I started my treatment and my family noticed it too. I’m so happy now!!

David J. - 42 years old (Newcastle), Waiter

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Electronic book

“How To Look After your Breath. The definitive guide”

Author of the world’s top-seller How To Look After your Breath: The Definitive Guide, sold in six languages ​​in more than 100 countries, Prof. Doctor Jonas Nunes, with the purpose of informing and raising awareness on the theme of halitosis, wrote “How To Look After Your Breath. The Definitive Guide”, released in the Majestic hotel in Barcelona.

Written with agile and casual prose, the book is aimed at anyone who wishes to find useful information about the most important aspects of halitosis, considered a taboo subject in today’s society: its psychological effects, preventive care, existing treatments and the most recent research for its study, diagnosis and treatment.