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Brief history.

The story of the Breath Institute begins in Chicago in 2007 at a scientific gathering of the International Society for Breath Odour Research (ISBOR), when aa group of students from different countries and medical specialisations decided to join forces and share their research on human breath.

Pioneers in the medical treatment of halitosis

We are the first ever centre with a specific focus on human breath. We cooperate with professionals from diverse fields of medicine and psychology with whom we share a common goal: the medical treatment of halitosis, which covers the 80+ causes of the condition.

We owe our success to the development of the medical protocol HCP Arthyaga®, which is widely recognised by the scientific community and, more importantly for us, endorsed by a growing number of satisfied patients.

We work with a wide network of centres specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of breath disorders across Europe. With our affiliated centres we share a commitment to quality, innovation and vocational dental medicine practice.

Our aim is to improve our patients’ quality of life, contribute to the advance of science, and promote the social recognition and understanding of halitosis as a condition.

Five lines of action.

As the only centre specialising in halitosis, the Breath Institute currently follows these lines of action:

  1. Development of clinical protocols for medical use
  2. Training healthcare professionals
  3. Collaboration with a network of clinical centres for halitosis treatment
  4. Scientific research and publications
  5. Raising awareness of a topic still surrounded by taboo