//Is there really a way to say goodbye to bad breath?
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Top 13 most frequently asked questions about halitosis (bad breath).

Dr Jonas Nunes, recognised expert in halitosis and Director of the Breath Institute, answers the most frequently asked questions about halitosis (bad breath).

13. Is there really a way to say goodbye to bad breath?

There is definitely a medical solution.

We need bigger and better talk about halitosis, as a society. I think this it is vital to raise awareness of the wide range of causes of halitosis; to break down the prejudice surrounding poor oral hygiene; and discredit the belief that the stomach is the most common cause of halitosis. We must also make clear that the self-perception of halitosis does not necessarily mean that a person has genuine halitosis.

In this day and age, there is no need to suffer from halitosis. Specialist centres using state-of-the-art clinical protocols can achieve success rates of over 96%. Halitosis should be tackled more and more as a medical problem that can indicate an underlying illness, and which therefore is not merely an aesthetic or cosmetic issue. It is within this context that healthcare professionals should play a key role in finding a solution to the problem.

In this day and age, there is no need to suffer from halitosis”.

To continue making progress, we need to adopt a different attitude towards the problem: people who suffer from bad breath should not give in to the illness, but instead seek medical treatment, and friends and family should tell them about the problem and take on a pro-active role in finding a solution. Furthermore, health-specific higher education institutes should place greater importance on halitosis within their academic curriculums and commit to training healthcare professionals who can deal with this illness more effectively.

The Breath Institute team are witnesses to the fact that halitosis is a serious factor behind physical and psycho-social disturbances and how its remission can produce immediate improvements in quality of life. When this clinical procedure is performed successfully, the result is a readjusted individual who no longer feels held back and who interacts in a natural way with their loved ones. Helping to facilitate this kind of human relationship is why we keep on doing the work we do.

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Know your Breath.

Did you know that you can suffer from bad breath without realising it? Many people suffer from halitosis (bad breath) on a regular basis, regardless of gender, age or social class.  Furthermore, halitosis can have a profound impact on self-esteem, and can even result in discrimination and social exclusion.

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