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Signs and associated symptoms

There are a wide range of signs and symptoms associated with illnesses that manifest themselves in the form of halitosis. They include:

Remember that the manifestation of any of these signs and symptoms does not necessarily result in bad breath. They are merely predisposing factors or symptoms frequently associated with bad breath, but which do not always trigger halitosis. Halitosis must be diagnosed using special technological equipment such as gas chromatography and by an experienced halitosis specialist.



We talk about halitosis open and accessible way, so that you can understand medical terminology that scientists use.

1. What is halitosis?
2. Physical and social consequences
3. Bad breath through the ages


The Breath Institute has discovered, on the basis of the latest international research, that there are over 80 possible causes of halitosis.

1. The composition of halitosis (bad breath)
2. Causes of halitosis (bad breath)
2.1 Oral causes
2.2 Respiratory causes
2.3 Digestive causes
2.4 Systemic causes, diet and habits
2.5  Neuropsychological causes


We identify the most effective clinical methods when diagnosing precisely the halitosis’ origin, so that you can chose the best treatment.

1. Methods of diagnosis
1.1 Self-perception
1.2 Organoleptic tests
1.3 Breath gas measurement
1.4 Laboratory tests
2. Psychological tests
3. Signs and associated symptoms