/Impact of halitosis on quality of life questionnaire
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Impact of halitosis on quality of life questionnaire.

To determine the specific impact of halitosis on quality of life, the Breath Institute has created the Halitosis Impact Scale (Escala Impacto Halitosis®). This scale makes it possible to identify how the awareness of suffering from halitosis or bad breath can influence behaviour, by measuring the frequency of certain defensive behaviours, negative emotions etc.

If you would like to find out the psychological impact that your breath has on your daily life, please answer the following questions:

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01. Limits me when I talk.


02. Makes me keep a distance when having a conversation.


03. Limits me when I talk in small or confined spaces.


04. Makes me rely more heavily on gestures and signs to communicate.


05. Makes me cover my mouth with my hand in social situations.


06. Limits how much I open my mouth when I talk.      


07. Limits the way I exhale.         


08. Provokes negations reactions from others


09. Makes me chew gum or smoke to mask the odour.


10. Interferes with my intimate relationships.


11. Makes me brush my teeth ≥ 5x/day.  


12. Restricts my social life.    


13. Makes me nervous.    


14. Lessens my will to live.


15. Makes me contemplate suicide.