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Bad breath probability questionnaire.

Halitosis can have 80+ different causes, which may or may not necessarily be linked to the stomach or to poor oral hygiene. This is why halitosis must be approached as a medical problem; bad breath can indicate an underlying disease and is therefore not just an aesthetic or cosmetic issue.

If you would like to know your probability of suffering from bad breath, please answer the following questions:

01. I notice an unpleasant taste in my mouth.


02. My mouth feels dry.


03. My gums bleed.


04. I have noticed a white or yellowish coating on my tongue.


05. I have noticed small white or yellowish lumps at the back of my throat which have an unpleasant smell.


06. I have a blocked nose.


07. I breath through my mouth at night.


08. I usually add lots of spices, garlic, and onion to my food.


09. I notice a reflux from my stomach.


10. I eat four times a day.


11. When I talk to other people, I notice that they cover their mouths with their hand or they keep a distance.


12. I have been told that I have bad breath.


* The fact that you have encountered some of the situations mentioned in the questionnaire does not necessarily mean that you suffer from bad breath.